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This web app enables you to practice pharmacy calculation problems of a given type for unlimited times. You will only see the change in the numbers but not the skeleton of the problem. I call this "Shadow method" of practicing over and over. The questions are arranged in both table view and list view (to be accessed from the left panel). When a question type is clicked, it opens with its title, hierarchy, main body of the question and four options. It also has a button to retry. You can select an option and submit to verify correctness. At this point, a new button named "Explanation" is visible, which shows you how this problem was solved.

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and then capture the top part of the screen that displays the number of times you tried and did the math correctly. I would request you to show me that summary. It is done either during my lecture in the class or later when the students practice on their own. 

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About the site

I used PHP-MySQL to build this website. I got a full scholarship to study computer programming when I as in the pharmacy school, which taught me how to code. The most common function used in this website is rand(). 

Please send me an email at [email protected] if you have any questions. 

Mamoon Rashid, PhD