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Click on any of the problem titles and you’ll be given a calculation problem with four options. Click on any of the options, and you’ll know the right answer. The “explanation” button will also be visible, which provides in detail explanation. Send a message to our Facebook page if you have any questions. 

Need tutoring help?

Pharmacy calculation is fun and memorable if it is taught in the right way. Dr. Rashid inspires visual learning, and his method is simply unforgettable. Get a 1-on-1 or small group tutoring help from him. Send a message to our Facebook page and ask about it.

Full calculation course

Learn pharmacy calculation in ‘visual’ method with bite-size lessons. Then practice questions with gradually increased difficulty. Each question has its explanations, and you can monitor your pace and progress. Then take long quizzes that prepare you for your PharmD course quizzes as well as NAPLEX®. The full calculation course comes with timed mock tests. Buy once and enjoy for a year. Send a message to our Facebook page and ask about it.

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I taught pharmaceutical calculation at two PharmD programs in the USA from 2013 to 2021 until I switched my career to eLearning. I may be contacted by sending a message to our Facebook page or visiting