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Calculate the mg quantity of solute required to prepare 380 mL of an elixir (concentration 2.35 percent weight by volume).

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lb equals 8930 mg kg

    Percentage (w/v) means number of grams of drug present per 100 mL of the solution. Here, the strength is 2.35 %, which means, there is 2.35 g of drug dissolved per 100 mL of an elixir. We need to determine the weight (in mg) of drug present in 380 mL of it.

    `∴ (2.35 \quad g)/(100 \quad mL) = x/(380 \quad mL) ⇒ x = 8.93 \quad g`

    1 g equals 1000 mg.

    ∴ there will be `8.93 g × (1000 mg)/(1 g) = 8930` mg drug present. (Ans).