T10) Find elimin. rate from dose, Vd and Cl

50. Pharmacokinetics 50.2) Plasma concentrations over time 50.2.1) Plasma concentrations over time

T01: Later plasma concentration Normal 1

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A patient is given 673 mg of a drug in IV push. The volume of distribution of the drug in this patient is 177 L. If the clearance is 40.29, then determine the rate of elimination.

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lb equals 153.19 mg/h kg

    For rate of elimination (dX/dt), we can write:
    `(dX)/dt = Cp × Cl`

    Plasma concentration is obtained by
    `Cp=X/(Vd)=(673 \quad mg)/(177 \quad L)`
    `\implies (dX)/dt = (673 \quad mg)/(177 \quad L) × 40.29 \quad L/h`

    `∴ (dX)/dt = 153.19305084746 \quad (mg)/h` (Ans).