Type 3 - Find the quantity of pure drug

9. Altering Product Strength 9.2) Alligation 9.2.1) Alligation Alligation Normal 1

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How many grams of a pure drug powder should you add to 520 g of 10 % of an ointment of the same drug so that the blended strength becomes 48%?

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lb equals 380 g kg

    Tic-tac-toe, Short form:

    `[[100 % (? \quad g),\quad\quad\quad\quad, 38 pt],[\quad\quad\quad\quad,48 % , \quad\quad\quad\quad],[10 % (520 \quad g),\quad\quad\quad\quad,52 pt]]`

    Therefore, 38 parts of pure drug should be mixed with 52 parts of the mixture which has a concentration of 10 % and the weight of 520 grams.
    `(520 \quad g)/(52 \quad parts)=x/(38 \quad parts) \quad therefore x = 380 \quad g`. Ans.

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