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A solution contains 250 mg of calcium gluconate in each 100 mL (the MW of calcium gluconate is 430). Express it as mEq/mL.

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lb equals 0.0116 mEq/mL kg

    The molecular weight of calcium gluconate = 430.
    Valence or charge = 2.
    Therefore, we can write: 430 mg = 2 mEq.
    Since the question needs mEq/mL as the final unit, we keep mEq in the starting numerator. So, 430 mg will be the denominator.
    Also, the solution contains 250 mg per 100 mL. In order to cancel out mg, we need to keep 250 mg in the numerator of the second fraction. Therefore, the dimensional analysis will be like this:

    `(2 \quad mEq)/(430 \quad mg) × (250 \quad mg)/(100 \quad mL) =0.0116\quad (mEq)/(mL)` Ans.

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