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A compounder weighed 113.68 mg of sodium lactate . If the molecular weight of sodium lactate is 112 g/mol, then determine the number of milimoles present there.

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lb equals 1.015 mmol kg

    The molecular weight of sodium lactate is 112 g/mol, which means `(112 \quad g)/(1 \quad mol)`. Again, 113.68 mg equals `113.68/1000=0.11368` g of sodium lactate . Therefore, using equation method we can write:
    `(112 \quad g)/(1 \quad mol)=(0.11368 \quad g)/x therefore x = 0.001015` mol.
    Multiplying this number with 1000 will give us milimoles;
    `therefore 0.001015 × 1000 = 1.015` mmol. Ans.

    Using shortcut: simply divide the miligram weight (`113.68 \quad mg`) with molecular weight (`112\quad g/(mol)`). This will give us:
    `(113.68 \quad mg)/(112 \quad g/(mol))=1.015 \quad mmol` Ans.