Convert percent expression into ratio

3. Percent, Ratio, mg/mL, PPM, PPB 3.2) Ratio 3.2.1) Ratio - General Ratio - General Normal 1

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Type1.2: From Percent to Rat Strength.
Express the ratio strength of a 0.625 % w/v solution.

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lb equals 1 : 160 kg

    The strength 0.625 % w/v means, there is 0.625 g of drug dissolved in each 100 mL of the solution. We need to convert this to a suitable ratio which has 1 in the numerator. Therefore, `(0.625 \quad g)/(100\quad mL)=((0.625/0.625)\quad g)/(100/0.625\quad mL)=(1\quad g)/(160\quad mL)`.

    Therefore, the ratio strength is 1 : 160.

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