T02) Creatinine clearance using Jelliffe method

50. Pharmacokinetics 50.2) Plasma concentrations over time 50.2.2) Creatinine clearance

T01: Creatinine Clearance methods Normal 1

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Calculate the creatinine clearance of a 67-year old male patient with 149 lb of weight. The serum creatinine level of the patient is 1.15 mg/dL.

Jelliffe formula:
`CrCl_{m}=(98-0.8×(ag e-20))/(Serum \quad Cr)`

`CrCl_{f}=CrCl_{m} × 0.9`

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lb equals 52.522 mL/min kg

    Body weight =
    149 lb = `(149 \quad lb)×(1 \quad kg)/(2.2 lb) =67.727 \quad kg`
    This patient is male.
    Plugging values in Jelliffe equation:

    `CrCl_{m}=(98-0.8×(ag e-20))/(Serum \quad Cr)`

    `∴ CrCl_{m}=(98-0.8×(67-20))/(1.15)`

    `∴ CrCl_{m}=52.522`

    Thus, the creatinine clearance of this patient is: 52.522 mL/min. (Ans).