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The potency of a preparation is 50.6 PPM. How many kilograms will this preparation weigh, if it contains 50.6 mg of a drug?

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lb equals 1 Kg kg

    PPM is the number of grams present per 1 million (1,000,000) grams of the preparation or solution or mixture.
    50.6 PPM means, there is 50.6 g of drug present in each million (1,000,000) g of the preparation.
    Weight of drug = 50.6 mg.
    Converting it to grams `=50.6/1000=0.0506` g.
    Therefore, we can write:
    `(50.6 \quad g)/(1,000,000\quad g)=(0.0506\quad g)/x therefore x = 1000` g.
    Converting g into Kg:
    `=1000/1000=1` Kg. Ans.