Determine ratio strength and volume and drug quantity

3. Percent, Ratio, mg/mL, PPM, PPB 3.2) Ratio 3.2.1) Ratio - General Ratio - General Normal 1

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If 510 mL of a solution contains 1.821 g of drug, then express the concentration as a ratio.

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lb equals 1 : 280 kg

    Ratio strength will have 1 in the numerator (in g unit). Let us, therefore, determine, what volume of this solution will contain 1 g of drug.
    ` (1.821 \quad g)/(510 \quad mL)=(1 \quad g)/(x) therefore x = 280`.
    `therefore (1 \quad g)/(280 \quad mL)` or 1 : 280 will be the expression. Answer.

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