Dose calculation based on BSA

6. Patient-based Dose 6.3) Body Surface Area 6.3.1) Body Surface Area Dose based on BSA Easy 1

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For a patient the adult dose is 100 mg. What will be the dose for this patient if his BSA is 0.88 m2

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lb equals 88.00 mg kg

  • Here Patient's BSA = 0.88 `m^2`
  • Adult dose for patient = 100 mg

  • We know that,
    Patient's dose (mg) = `(Patient's \quad BSA \quad m^2)/(1.73 \quad m^2)` × Drug dose (mg)

    Patient's Dose = `(0.88 \quad m^2)/(1.73 \quad m^2)` × 100 mg = 88 mg Ans.

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