Finding SG from volume and weight

2. Density & Specific Gravity 2.1) Specific Gravity 2.1.1) SG - General SG from volume and weight Easy 1

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Calculate the specific gravity of a substance which has a volume of 358.82 mL and weight of 305 g

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lb equals 0.85 kg

    Answer: 0.85 (no unit).
    • We know that, Specific Gravity (SG) of a substance is the ratio of the weight of the substance and the weight of water that occupies the volume of the substance. In order to keep it simpler, we can just divide the numbers of 'weight in gram' by the 'volume in ml'.
    • We can write: SG of the substance = 305/358.82 = 0.85

    SG = Weight in grams → 305
    Volume in mL → 358.82
    Therefore, SG = 0.85;