Convert mg per mL into ratio expression

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If the strength of a solution is written as 2.381 mg/mL, then how will it be expressed in ratio strength?

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lb equals 1 : 420 kg

    2.381 mg/mL means, the solution contains 2.381 mg of drug in each 1 mL. In order to express the ratio strength, we must keep the numerator in gram unit, also, the numerator should be equal to 1.
    Since 1000 mg equals 1 g, we can write 2.381 mg as 0.002 g. Thus, for this solution, we can write:
    `(0.002381\quad g)/(1\quad mL)=((0.002381/0.002381) \quad g)/((1/0.002381) \quad mL)`
    `=(1\quad g)/(420\quad mL)`.
    This is equivalent to 1 : 420. Answer.