Type 4 - Find the quantity of base or vehicle

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You want to prepare 22% of an ointment. You have some ointment base or vehicle and 120 g of 95% ointment. Calculate how many grams of base you need to mix with the 95% ointment in order to compound the product.

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lb equals 398.18 g kg

    Tic-tac-toe, Short form:

    `[[95 % (120 \quad g),\quad\quad\quad\quad, 22 pt],[\quad\quad\quad\quad,22 % , \quad\quad\quad\quad],[0 % (? g),\quad\quad\quad\quad,73 pt]]`

    Therefore, 73 parts of the ointment base should be mixed with 22 parts of the ointment having a concentration of 95 % and the weight of 120 grams.
    `(120 \quad g)/(22 \quad parts)=x/(73 \quad parts) \quad therefore x = 398.18 \quad g`. Ans.