T06) Find half life from C0, Ct and t.

50. Pharmacokinetics 50.2) Plasma concentrations over time 50.2.1) Plasma concentrations over time

T01: Later plasma concentration Normal 1

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For an intravenously administered drug, if the concentration at 3 hr is 2.02 mg/mL, and concentration at 6.7 hr is 0.769 mg/mL, then determine the elimination half life of the drug. Assume that the drug follows a first order kinetics.

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lb equals 2.66 h kg

    For a first order process,
    It may be re-organized as:
    `∴ k = ln(C_{0}/C_{t})/t`
    Difference between two time points (6.7 hr and 3 hr) is 3.7 hr.
    `\implies k =(ln(2.02/0.769))/3.7`
    Or, `k = 0.261`
    Thus, the rate constant is `0.261 \quad h^{-1}`.
    Now, to calculate the half life from rate constant: `t_{1/2}=0.693/k=0.693/(0.261 \quad h^(-1))=2.66 \quad h` (Ans).