T02) Concentration from volume and dose

50. Pharmacokinetics 50.1) PK Basic parameters 50.1.1) Dose, Volume and Concentration Basic parameters Easy 1

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If a patient weighing 131 Kg is given 14.4362 mg of drug as an IV bolus, then determine the concentration of the drug in the blood. For this drug, the volume of distribution is 0.29 L/Kg.

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lb equals 0.38 mg kg

    Total volume of distribution (V) for this patient will be:
    `0.29 \quad L/(Kg) × 131 \quad Kg = 37.99 \quad L`
    Drug quantity (`X_{0}`) =14.4362 mg
    Concentration (`C_{0}`) = ?
    We know that,
    `therefore C_{0} = (14.4362 \quad mg)/ (37.99 \quad L) = 0.38 \quad (mg)/L`. Ans.

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