Child dose by clark's rule

6. Patient-based Dose 6.1) Pediatric dose 6.1.5) Clark�s rule Child dose based on weight of child Easy 1

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A 83 lb child has to be prescribed a drug. if the adult dose is 600 mg , Calculate the child's pediatric dose in milligrams.

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lb equals 332.00 mg kg

Here Adult dose = 600 mg
Weight of the child = 83 lb = 37.682 kg

Clark's rule, based on weight:

Child dose ` =(Weight \quad (lb))/(150) × ADULT \quad DOSE \quad (mg)`
`\quad\quad\quad\quad\quad\quad\quad\quad = (83)/(150) × 600 \quad mg = 332.00 \quad mg` Ans.