Parenteral dosage based on age and condition being treated

6. Patient-based Dose 6.4) Disease state 6.4.1) Disease State Dose based on condition Normal 1

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By using the shown Table, calculate the IV drug dose for a 111-lb 7-oz patient who has a lung infections(normal kidney fucntion).
Dose Rout Freq
Urinary tract infection 250mg IV or IM q12h
Bone and join infections 2g IV q12h
Pneumonia 500mg - 1g IV or IM q8h
Mild skin infections 500mg - 1g IV or IM q8h
Life threating infectios 2g IV q8h
Lung infections
(normal kidney function)
IV q8h
Neonates (up to 1 month) 30mg IV q12h
Infants and Children
(1 month to 12 year)
30 mg - 50 mg IV q12h

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lb equals 2023.70 mg kg

  • Weight of the patient
    `= 111 \quad lb \quad 7\quad oz`
    `= 111 × 454 + 7 × 28.35` g
    `= 50592.45 \quad g `
    `= 50.59245 \quad kg `
  • dose `= (40 \quad mg)/(1 \quad kg) × 50.59245 \quad kg` = 2023.698 mg every 8 Hr. Ans.