Drug Dose based on body weight

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Calculate the difference in the alternative doses for a 9–year–old patient weighing 60 lb where the dose of a phase III drug is acceptable as either 5 mg/kg or 900 mg.

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lb equals 763.80 mg kg

Drug dosage based on body weight

  • Drug doses based on weight are expressed as a specific quantity of drug per unit of patient weight, such as milligrams of drug per kilogram of body weight
  • Commonly abbreviated as mg/kg.
  • Master formula:
  • `Patients\quad dose(mg) = Patients\quad weight(kg) × ` `(Drug\quad dose(mg))/(1(kg))`

Here Dose at 5 mg/kg:

`(5\quad mg)/(1\quad kg) × 60\quad lb × (0.454\quad kg)/(1\quad lb) = 136.20 \quad mg` Drug.

Therefore difference = 900 mg - 136.20 mg = 763.8 mg Ans.