Determine PPM from the weight of the drug and weight of total content

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44 Kg of a solution contains 3.388 g of a therapeutic agent. Express the strength in PPM unit.

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lb equals 77 PPM kg

    PPM is the number of grams present per 1 million (1,000,000) grams of the preparation or solution or mixture. In this case,
    Weight of drug = 3.388 g.
    And total weight of the mixture = 44 Kg.
    Converting this weight into gram unit: Weight in g
    `= 44 × 1000=44000` g.
    Using the formula for PPM, we can write:
    `(3.388 \quad g)/(44000\quad g)=x/(1,000,000\quad g) therefore x = 77` g.
    Therefore, the potency is 77 PPM. Ans.