T03) Volume from dose and concentration

50. Pharmacokinetics 50.1) PK Basic parameters 50.1.1) Dose, Volume and Concentration Basic parameters Easy 1

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A patient was given 61.557 mg of a drug as an IV bolus. The blood sample was obtained immediately at `t_{0}`, and the concentration of the drug was found 0.71 mg/L. The weight of the patient is 170 Kg. What is the volume of distribution of the drug in this patient?

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lb equals 86.7 L kg

    Given that, amount of drug administered = (`X_{0}`) =61.557 mg
    Since concentration is obtained by dividing the quantity of drug with total volume, we can write:
    `C_{0}=X_{0}/V Rightarrow V=X_{0}/C_{0}`
    `therefore V=(61.557 \quad mg)/(0.71 \quad (mg)/L)=86.7 \quad L` Ans.

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