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The normal blood level of Na+ is 135 - 145 mEq/L. A patient is suffering from hypernatrimia , and the blood level is found to be 160 mEq/L. Express this in mg/dL unit.

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lb equals 368 mg/dL kg

    The term deci liter (dL) means tenth of a liter, or, 100 mL. For Na+ , the atomic weight is 23 and the valence is 1. Therefore, we can write:
    23 mg = 1 mEq.
    This fraction `(23 \quad mg)/(1 \quad mEq)` will be used in this problem. Using dimensional analysis, we can write: `(160 \quad mEq)/(1 \quad L) × (23 \quad mg)/(1 \quad mEq) × (1 \quad L)/(1000 \quad mL) × (100 \quad mL)/(1 \quad dL) `

    `= (368 \quad mg)/(dL)` Ans.