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An electronic infusion pump is calibrated as 19 gtt/mL. If 550 mL of IV solution needs to be administered over a period of 6 hours, then calculate the rate in drops per minute.

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lb equals 29 drops/min kg

    Since we need drops per minute as the final unit, we begin with the information which has 'drops' or 'gtt' in the numerator.
    The gtt per mL is given as `(19\quad g t t)/(1\quadmL)`, which is our starting fraction.

    `(19\quad g t t)/(1\quad mL)�(550 \quad mL)/(6\quad hr) � (1\quad hr)/(60\quad min)`

    `= (29.027777777778\quad drops)/min`

    Which is `29 \quad (drops)/min` after rounding up to whole number. Ans.