Weight based dosing Simple DA method

6. Patient-based Dose 6.2) Body Weight 6.2.1) Body weight General Drug dose based on body weight Easy 1

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Stalpex dose for patient is 50 mcg/kg of body weight. What would be the usual dose in milligrams for a patient weighing 72 lb?

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lb equals 1.63 mg kg

Simple DA method (with drug’s weight in starting numerator).

`(50 \quad mcg)/(1\quad kg) × 72 \quad lb × (0.454\quad kg)/(1\quad lb) × (1\quad mg)/(1000\quad mcg)`

`\quad \quad \quad \quad \quad \quad \quad \quad\quad \quad \quad \quad \quad = 1.63 \quad mg \quad Ans.`