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A patient is taking an oral solution 1 tbsp TID. If the patient is taking 157.5 mg of the drug in each dose, and if the bottle supplies the drug for 3 weeks, then calculate the amount of drug (in gram unit) contained in the bottle.

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lb equals 9.923 g kg

    Volume of each dose (1 tbsp) = 15 mL.
    Number of dose per day (TID) = 3
    Numder of days the bottle is supplied for (3 weeks) = 21
    Therefore, volume of the medication in the bottle = 15 × 3 × 21 mL = 945 mL.
    Given that, there is 157.5 mg drug contained in each dose (1 tbsp). Therefore, we can write:

    `(157.5\quad mg)/(15\quad mL)=x/(945 \quad mL)`
    `therefore x = 9922.5 \quad mg = 9.9225\quad g` Ans.