Dosing by body weight for a hypothetical drug

6. Patient-based Dose 6.2) Body Weight 6.2.1) Body weight General Drug dose based on body weight Easy 1

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A daily dose of 2 mg/kg,how many 20-mg capsules of the drug product should be dispensed to a patient weighing 88 lb if the dosage regimen calls for 10 weeks of therapy?

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lb equals 280 kg

    Here weight of patient is 40 kg or 88 lb and
    Daily dose of drug is 2 mg/kg

    Daily dose
    = `40 \quad kg × 2 \quad (mg)/(kg) = 80 \quad mg `

    weight of the capsule is 20 mg

    patient needs
    = `(80)/(20)`
    = 4 capsules/day

    for 10 weeks of therapy patient needs
    ` (4 \quad c a p s u l e s )/(day)× (7\quad day)/(week) × 10 \quad weeks `
    = 280 capsules Ans.