T01) Dose from volume and concentration

50. Pharmacokinetics 50.1) PK Basic parameters 50.1.1) Dose, Volume and Concentration Basic parameters Easy 1

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How much drug has to be administered to a patient weighing 94 Kg so that the plasma concentration is 3.86 mg/L? Given that, the Volume of distribution of the drug is 0.43 L/Kg.

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lb equals 156.021 mg kg

    Total volume of distribution (V) for this patient will be:
    `0.43 \quad L/(Kg) × 94 \quad Kg = 40.42 \quad L`
    Concentration (`C_{0}`) = `3.86 \quad (mg)/L`;
    Drug quantity (`X_{0}`) =?
    We know that,
    `therefore X_{0} = C_{0} × V`
    `= 3.86 \quad (mg)/L × 40.42 \quad L = 156.0212 \quad mg`. Ans.