Find drug weight from PPM and total quantity

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The strength of a medication is expressed as 57.2 PPM. How many milligrams of the drug will 5.5 kilogram of this product contain?

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lb equals 314.6 mg kg

    57.2 PPM means, there is 57.2 g of drug in each 1,000,000 g of the mixture.
    5.5 kilogram means 5500 grams. Therefore, we can write:
    `(57.2 \quad g)/(1,000,000\quad g)=x/(5500\quad g) therefore x = 0.3146` g.

    Now, this g unit has to be converted to mg.
    `(1000\quad mg)/(1\quad g)= y/(0.3146\quadg) therefore y = 314.6` mg Ans.

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